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Cloudberry Database Bootcamp
Join us on an exciting journey to explore the features of Cloudberry Database using a Docker engine-based sandbox. Get ready to elevate your database skills. Happy exploring!
These tutorials showcase how Cloudberry Database can address day-to-day tasks performed in typical DW, BI and data science environments. It is designed to be used with the Cloudberry Database Sandbox, which is based on the Docker with the CentOS 7.9 OS.
Bootcamp Outline
CloudberryDB Sandbox
101-CloudberryDB Tourials
This part contains a series of tutorials for quickly String out Cloudberry Database based on the CloudberryDB Sandbox. Before starting to read the tutorials, you are expected to finish installing the single-node Cloudberry Database by following the CloudberryDB Sandbox.
102-CloudberryDB Crash Course
103-CloudberryDB Performance Benchmark
This tutorial will show you how to perform a CloudberryDB performance benchmark in the CloudberryDB Sandbox Docker image. The benchmark process consists of two parts:
104-CloudberryDB for Data Science
Get the Source
You can get the whole Bootcamp source code from the GitHub repo cloudberrydb/bootcamp.