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Cloudberry Database Support
Welcome to our support page! Our team is ready to help you make the most of the Cloudberry Database. Explore the resources and let us assist you in harnessing its full potential.
This page shows that how you can ask for help and get support from our community.
Community Support
DownloadYou can download the Cloudberry Database releases and see the changelogs.
DocumentationOfficial documentation for Cloudberry Database. You can explore it to discover more details about us. If you want to contribute, see the guide.
Report bugsProblems and issues in Cloudberry Database core. If you find bugs, welcome to submit them here.
Report a security vulnerabilityView our security policy to learn how to report and contact us.
Q&AAsk for help when running/developing Cloudberry Database, visit GitHub Discussions - QA.
New ideas / Feature RequestsShare ideas for new features, visit GitHub Discussions - Ideas.
Code contributionFix bugs, add new features to Cloudberry Database, visit our guide on "How to Contribute", "Working with Git & GitHub", "Code Contribution Guide", and "Proposal Guide".
Community eventsIncluding meetups, webinars, conferences, and more events, visit the Events page and subscribe events calendar.
Brand GuidelinesGuide on how to download, and use our logos and fonts, visit our Brand Guidelines.
Social channelsFollow our Twitter, Youtube to help spread good words on Cloudberry Database. Welcome to Slack or WeChat for real-time chat.
Commercial support
Commercial support is available from many companies that provide professional services to the Cloudberry Database community. You can submit your support request to us.
We will help coordinate with the relevant vendors to assist you in resolving your troubles. By submitting the request form, you acknowledge that we will share your information with the appropriate vendors.