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April 2024 - Cloudberry Database Community Newsletter
Cloudberrydb Team
May 1, 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 community newsletter for the Cloudberry Database project. Let's explore what our Cloudberry Database community happened in this month.

New Release

We want to make our release often and quickly to ship the latest features and bug fixes of Cloudberry Database. We're on the way. Cloudberry Database 1.5.2 was just shipped with lots of updates. You can view the changelogs and download v1.5.2 to try on the release page.

In the past weeks, we upgraded the bootcamp program to support the Cloudberry Database 1.5.1 version. Along with the new version 1.5.2, we will support it in the following weeks.

Bootcamp is one Docker-based Sandbox, which is tailored to help you gain a basic understanding of Cloudberry Database's capabilities and features a range of materials, including tutorials, sample code, and crash courses.


We added a bunch of documents to the Cloudberry Database, including cloudberrydb-site#75, cloudberrydb-site#87, and cloudberrydb-site#70. Also, we are working on the web page translation pull request cloudberrydb-site#118 review.

Pull Requests

One notable feature, the directory table(#390), is merged this monthly. You can use it and are welcome to give your feedback.

  • Fix copy from directory table. #416 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Fix directory table ci pipeline problems. #414 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Disable dump pax tables in pg_dump. #412 by @jiaqizho
  • Doc: update the #411 by @tuhaihe
  • Fix: pgrx cannot find function after numeric change interface. #410 by @jiaqizho
  • Doc: update the deploying #409 by @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata
  • Fix: make enough out data buffer when call EVP_DecryptUpdate. #408 by @kongfanshen-0801
  • Feature: Use amflags to support Column-oriented scanning of custom tableam. #407 by @gongxun0928
  • Add GUC gp_random_insert_segments to control the segments used for random distributed table insertion. #406 by @foreyes
  • Push the runtime filter from hashjoin to seqscan or AM. #405 by @zhangyue-hashdata
  • [cherry-pick] [7X] gpconfig does not escape '$' char. #403 by @Ray-Eldath


Fortunately, the Cloudberry Database's task is approved by the OSPP. If you're a college student, you are welcome to apply our task.




🎈️🎊️ Thanks to the following contributors for helping make Cloudberry Database better this month:

@wenchaozhang-123, @jiaqizho, @tuhaihe, @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata, @kongfanshen-0801, @gongxun0928, @foreyes, @zhangyue-hashdata, @Ray-Eldath, @TomShawn

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In addition, we offer various channels for community members to discuss, seek help, provide feedback, and chat. You can find support here. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback - we're always here to help!

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