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Built On Open Source, By Open Source, For Open Source.

The Cloudberry Database team works on developing the core database kernel, utilities, tools, as well as the documentation website. Our journey began in 2022, and we have built our foundation on PostgreSQL and Greenplum Database. We would not be where we are today without the invaluable contributions of the two project contributors. We extend our heartfelt thanks to them.

GitHub Contributor Over Time

We have several ecosystem projects available on GitHub in addition to our main repository. To discover all of the contributors to Cloudberry Database, please visit our GitHub homepage. Please note that the images shown below highlight the avatars of our active and upstream contributors while not including anonymous contributors. To view all the contributors, you can click on the images.

Become a contributor

The Cloudberry Database community welcomes everyone to contribute, regardless of their level of experience. We encourage all types of contributions, no matter how small. Our contribution guide is available to help you get started with the process.

In addition, we offer various channels for community members to discuss, seek help, provide feedback, and chat. You can find support here. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback - we're always here to help.

Join us and be part of us!