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WeChat Guide
If you'd like to chat or discuss in real-time using WeChat (in Mandarin Chinese), please feel free to request to join our WeChat groups.

WeChat, also known as Weixin in Pinyin, is a popular instant messaging and social media application. If you prefer using WeChat over Slack for real-time chatting or community discussions, you can add cbdb-bot as your WeChat friend by scanning the QR code below and asking to join.


Once you have joined, we encourage you to introduce yourself and share what you want to learn, so the community members can get to know you better. If you have any questions about CloudberryDB, feel free to ask in the WeChat groups. However, we kindly request that you search for your questions beforehand to avoid repetition.

Group rules

Be kind! We lead by our community Code of Conduct, please be kind and keep open. We want to make a friendly space for all members.

Be patient! We adopt the asynchronous communication way. Please be patient to wait for other community members's replies to your questions. If no one responds, try to ask one more time.

Avoid global notifications. If you're not the admin or owner, please avoid using global notifications with @all in the group. We want to decrease noise for community members.

No ads, no spam. Please don't spam others through DMs, or post something non-related to the database. The first offense results in a warning, repeated offenses may lead to removal.